Submission dates for Grade 000 and 00: 24 February 2020 till 30 June 2020

Submission dates for Gr R to Gr 12 : Applications for 2021 are currently closed. Once dates are confirmed, the website will be updated

Note:  Please complete the form in Sentence Case and not upper case (i.e. Names/sentences begin with capital letters and the text that follows in lower case).  Please put an apostrophe before the ID numbers, as follows ‘8109050063521

If you are experiencing problems completing the on-line form, please read the following for possible errors and solutions:

Possible Error 1:

The problem you might be experiencing with St Andrew’s School on-line application form is you might be using a very old/outdated internet browser. Likely Internet Explorer 8 or 9 from Microsoft.  Please go to
It displays the links to download one of the various internet browsers in their latest form. Using an outdated browser is not only hampering your internet experience, it is also not safe. Phishing and other cyber crime attacks are made easier for hackers and cyber criminals when people don’t update their Internet Browsers. The newest browsers will automatically warn you when you are about to enter an unsafe website, whereas old browsers are less likely to warn/protect you.
We recommend Google Chrome as the fastest and safest browser available. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it (should only take 2 or 3 mins), please try to fill in the application form on the St Andrew’s School website again.

Possible Error 2:
You have possibly not uploaded the supporting documentation in the correct format. Please ensure you upload the supporting documentation in one of the file types listed below:
Only the following file types are allowed for upload:
1. jpg
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8. pdf
A file extension filter has to be applied for security purposes. Please check the file type to ensure compliance.

Possible Error 3:
The attachments you have uploaded have not been reduced below 2MB – ensure each attachment is reduced to below 2MB.

Please note: if you do not receive an email within 24 hours of submitting, please re-apply as internet issues might occur.

Application Form 2020
Upload Certified Copy of Learner UNABRIDGED Birth Certificate - For PRIMARY School applications also include the learner's immunisation card. Scan the two documents and upload them together (Max 2MB): *
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Upload Learner Colour Photo: *
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Does the student require boarding facilities? *
Please upload copy of latest school report: *
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Does your son have a biological brother in the school? *
Learner Essay: The learner needs to write an essay describing himself and his goals in no more than 200 words (Applies to Grade 8 to 12):
Maximum upload size: 2MB

Parent/Guardian Information

Surname of: *
Upload Your (The Parent(s)) Latest Municipal Account Invoice (Max 2MB): *
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Please upload a certified copy of Id of Father/Guardian: *
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Surname of (Choose): *
Please attach certified copy of Id of mother/guardian: *
Maximum upload size: 2MB
In the case of divorced parents, please upload document of proof of legal custody to application:
Maximum upload size: 2MB
I acknowledge that the Application Process Form is attached to this application & that I note that the school staff may not discuss applications with me. All the required info is recorded on the Process Form. I acknowledge that the school will only contact me if there is space available for my son: *
I , the Parent / Legal guardian of the learner do hereby declare that all the information provided to the school on this application form is true & correct: *
I acknowledge that if all the information is not completed on this form & the relevant documents are not uploaded, then the application cannot be processed. *
I acknowledge that St Andrew's is a Fee Paying School i.e. school fees are compulsory. *
I acknowledge I have read & understood the Application Process Form (this page), the School Admission Policy & School Code of Conduct (available on this School Website - *
Print, sign & upload Annexure D on pg 16 of the Code of Conduct (found here).* *
Maximum upload size: 2MB
I have printed, signed & uploaded Annexure D on pg 16 of the Code of Conduct (found here). *
I acknowledge that I hereby give my consent for my son to be placed on the St Andrew's Waiting List (late application list) & that I will ensure that I also apply at other schools. *