The boarding establishment is an integral part of life at St Andrew’s.  Boarders have a proud tradition of providing exemplary service to the school and the community.  The hostels accommodate boys from Bloemfontein, the surrounding areas, the rural areas of the Free State and the Northern Cape and from further afield (Gauteng and Botswana).  A number of Free State and Northern Cape families have a long association with the school.

The boarders are accommodated in four boarding hostels. Chandler House can date its history back to 1918, when the foundation stone was laid by Lord Buxton. The original building was demolished in 1986 and new hostel was built.  The House is named after Bishop Chandler who had much to do with the School in the early days.  Chandler House is a senior boarding house for pupils in Grades 10, 11 and 12. Twells House shares the same building as Chandler House.  Twells House dates from 1951.  Also a senior boarding house (Grade 10, 11 and 12 boys), it is named after the first Bishop of Bloemfontein, Bishop Twells.

Storey House is the Intermediate Boarding House consisting of boys from Grades 8 and 9.  Unlike the other houses, it is named after a headmaster and not a Bishop – in this case, the legendary Mr F W Storey who was headmaster of St Andrew’s School from 1917 – 1946.  Dunn House accommodate all Junior Boarders from Grades 1 to 7. Known for many years simply as Junior house, it took the name of Canon R A Dunn who served the school as Senior Mathematics Master and as Chaplain for some 31 years.

All hostels are under the control of a housemaster.  Dunn House is supervised by house-parents.  Teaching staff and student masters are employed as duty staff and Grade 12 boys are appointed to assist with supervision.

All hostel boys eat their meals in the Champion Dining Hall (one of the oldest buildings on the campus).  The catering services are provided by a private company.

A full-time sister is in charge of a well-equipped sanatorium. Parents may choose any doctor to treat their child, or leave the choice to the sister.  The school is  situated just across the street from the Bloemfontein Medi-Clinic.

There is a set leave-out weekend each term and on other weekends boarders may go out with their parents provided they have no school commitments. The younger junior boarders are encouraged to go home every weekend, provided that they have no school commitments. The school will advertise a number of “in-weekends” for senior boarders during which all senior boarders will be required to remain in the hostel.

The school does not organise buses to outlying areas but a number of parents do operate lift clubs.

The Board of Governors has established a hostel sub-committee.  This committee which represents the interests of all hostel parents meets regularly and reports directly to the Board of Governors.