The time has come to say farewell to our Chaplain, Father Deon Lombard. Father Deon arrived in 2011 and very quickly became an integral part of Saint Andrew’s school life. He has been our teacher of the gospel, of values and love, a calmer of storms, a shoulder to cry on, the wisdom which we have depended on, the teacher of fairness and kindness, the bearer of kind words, the stability in many boy’s lives, counsellor to many staff and families, the hope at the end of the phone line, the early morning smile in chapel, the direction for lost teenagers and much much more. We have loved having you as part of Saint Andrew’s for 11 years and wish you the best in your new journey. Father Deon, you will be missed! Fiat Lux!

Father Deon will be taking up the position of Rector of the Alexandria Parish in the Diocese of Port Elizabeth at the end of the month.

For those in the Saints Community, a new Chaplain has been appointed and will be starting with us at the beginning of the 3rd term. We will introduce him soon – so watch this space!