Old Boys

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Old Boys

St Andrew’s Old Boys’ Association (OBA)

The St Andrew’s Old Boys’ Association (OBA) must surely be one of the real success stories in South Africa generally, and our school particularly.

Notwithstanding the small number of matriculants leaving the school at the end of each year, the Association’s numbers have grown steadily, the organisation has been strengthened and its influence widely celebrated.

There can be few, if any, better ways of  measuring the tone, the soul, character and values of a school than appraising its former pupils and their interest in the school. In this respect we can stand with the highest.

Our Old Boys are scattered throughout South Africa, the former colonies, Great Britain, the USA, Europe and the Middle East. The South African diaspora of the late 20th century has seen the movement of many Old Andreans to other parts of the world.  Their influence has been felt in almost every aspect of South African and overseas life, from the church to the professions, mining, farming and the armed services. These Old Andreans, by and large, are indeed proud of the fact that they were privileged to receive their education at St Andrew’s and have formed their own branches in various parts of the world.

The OBA was established in July 1922 when a small group of Old Andreans in Bloemfontein, fired by the enthusiasm of Mr S M Sweet, organised the OBA on a firm basis with a well thought out constitution and committed leadership. Since then the association has grown steadily, with branches in Bloemfontein, East London, Port Elizabeth, Port Alfred, Plettenberg Bay, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland.

Regular social gatherings are held in these branches and, from time to time, particularly when their own class reunions take place, Old Boys attend the main Bloemfontein reunion in September. Every year Old Andreans from far and wide travel to Bloemfontein to visit their old school and catch up with old pals and classmates.

The OBA is governed and controlled by a central committee in Bloemfontein, although branches tend to be autonomous.  For many years the late Mr F W “Oubaas” Storey  acted as Chairman and it was due largely to his  love, energy and commitment that both the school and the OBA were able to weather some of  the greater challenges in the history of the school.  Both Oubaas Storey and some of his staff were known to have contributed from their meagre private resources to keep the school going during the war years. (Please see info re OBA database below this picture)

SAS 150th History Book 2013_Page_226

1. For some years now your OBA committee has been concerned about maintaining an up-to-date database.
2. We have recently acquired a package which will enable Old Boys’ to register and update their details. Please note that your data will be kept confidential unless you have granted your permission for it to be used for eg. Class Reunions.
3. With the above in mind, we ask you to follow the steps:
• Log on to sasb.alumnet.co.za (Please do not use the “www” prefix). You may have to update your web browser to have the full benefit of the system.
• Type in your email address and press “forgot password”.
• If your current email address is already on the system, you will receive a link to access the system immediately.
• If your email address has changed or it is not on the system, you will have to wait for us to send you a link or you will be asked to contact the OBA office.
• Once you have registered, you will be able to update your details on the “My Profile” tab. (2nd tab from the left).
Please correct or add to the items on your profile as needed. To do this you will need to click on the blue UPDATE button on the top right corner.
Once you have updated your profile, please ensure that you click the “SAVE” button (top right hand corner). This will save your changes and you will get a message on the screen confirming that the update was saved.
• You will have noticed the other tabs associated with your database record.
Not all of these are immediately available for use, but we will communicate with you regarding their usage once we have the basic information on the database.
• Please help us to complete this mammoth task! Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance.
• Thank you to those who have already registered. We look forward to a far more effective system of communication.

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