Meet the Teachers: Adele Verster

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Meet the Teachers: Adele Verster

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23 July 2018 – Saint Andrew’s has welcomed Adele Verster to its teaching staff from the beginning of the third term. She is taking over Pierre Grobler’s grade 6 class until the end of the year as the school prepares for his retirement in August after four decades of outstanding service.

Adele previously taught technology for grades one to nine at Saint Andrew’s for five years before leaving in 2007 to return to university to do her honours in psychology. Most recently, she taught grades five and six at Eikestad Primary School in Stellenbosch.

Saint Andrew’s grade 6 teacher Adele Verster

“I enjoy teaching senior primary children especially,” she said. “They’re still young, but are independent.”

“It’s wonderful coming back”
Turning to her return to Saints, she said: “It’s wonderful coming back to Saint Andrew’s. It’s a privilege teaching at this school, I promise you.

“Eikestad is a very good school. There, they have 35 to 37 children in a class, and then you have four classes per grade. Here, there are 22 boys in a class. This is really quality education. And we have excellent resources. It is amazing to teach here.

“I am crazy about Saint Andrew’s. It is quality teaching. You know the children and they know you. You can put more into it. You can really help them.”

Seeing so many familiar faces still teaching at Saints has also been fantastic, she added.

At Eikestad, Adele taught both boys and girls, but, she admitted, she prefers teaching boys because they are less complex than girls.

“I love Interact”
Questioned about other areas she may become involved in besides the classroom, Adele said: “I love Interact. I am actually very busy, involved with Sunflower House.” That work dovetails perfectly with the focus of the Saint Andrew’s junior and senior Interact Clubs this year.

Recently, she and former Saint Andrew’s teacher Cheryl Zietsman put together a fund-raiser, which benefitted the organisation.

“Cheryl and I had a fund-raiser for them, a hockey tournament for grades five, six and seven, just before the holidays. We raised about R50 000 in total. We worked very hard,” she said. The helpers at the event included some high school boys from Saints.

Giving to the needy
Half of the money raised went to Sunflower House, while the other half went to ENGO, a non-profit, non-governmental welfare organisation that provides care and counselling for abandoned, abused and homeless children, as well as the destitute elderly and families in need. The organisation also provides care and counselling for persons affected by HIV/Aids and offers vocational training to the unemployed and those with disabilities to enable them to enter the labour market.

With friends still on staff and values and interests that align so well with those of Saint Andrew’s, we are sure Adele’s return to the school will go seamlessly. We wish her every success.

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