100 percent matric pass mark for 25 years!

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100 percent matric pass mark for 25 years!

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5 January 2016 – The matric results for the Saint Andrew’s class of 2016 were released on Thursday and they were, once again, cause for celebration as the school maintained its long-time spotless record.

Headmaster Chris Thomas commented: “I am very happy with the matric results. It’s the 25th consecutive year that we have got a 100 percent pass rate. Eighty-eight percent of the candidates got a Bachelor’s pass mark, which was pretty much as we had expected.

“Also, which we have become used to, but is quite encouraging, was that 82 percent of the 61 candidates got a 60 percent aggregate or higher. That’s 50 out of the 61 candidates!”

Top achiever

Six boys achieved A aggregates – 80 percent of higher – with Christoffel de Lange the leading achiever with six distinctions and just three percent off of achieving a seventh. He might consider a remark.

“There are quite a few boys who got 90s for subjects, so we are very pleased with the class,” the Headmaster said.

“In terms of subject averages, the best two were visual arts and maths literacy, which were over 70 percent. That’s besides life orientation, which was about 80.

“Most subjects were above 60 percent, which was pleasing.”


Saints’ achievement of a 100 percent pass rate for a quarter-of-a-century is not something that one sees in boys-only schools, he added.

“It’s a milestone year. There are not many boys-only schools in the country which have achieved the feat for five years in a row. Five have achieved it for five years in a row and we have done it for 25 years in a row!”

Mr Thomas said the school had produced a 1.7 A symbols per pupil. “You aim for two and above. We are close to that, but not there yet.”

Staff support

Asked to reflect on what 25 years of success says about his staff, he responded: “It says they are supporting the children who are battling, but also they are setting pretty high standards and working hard.

“One has to understand with Saint Andrew’s that there is a mix of abilities in any class. The top boys do well, and we’re succeeding in doing that, but we are also aiming to get all of them to pass. It sounds an obvious thing to do, but it is a challenge. This class was no exception. There were kids who were borderline cases and the staff and the kids have worked hard to get them through.”


While producing good academic results is of primary concern in any school, the Headmaster said Saint Andrew’s was doing more than that: “I think we’re producing well-balanced boys. Certainly, if one looks at the complete school programme, we’re achieving success in all areas.

“Perhaps more importantly, we’re producing children with good, solid values. We believe we’re achieving success in the sporting and cultural fields, everything we try, but I think for us the most important thing is that we are producing children who have really good values.

“If I look at our top academics, I can say with absolute confidence that all of them leave Saint Andrew’s with a really, solid good set of values.”

Head Boy’s success

The 2016 Head Boy, Michael Walsh, who was one of the first to arrive at the school to receive his results, said: “It’s a bit of a relief. It feels good. I am happy with my results. I achieved distinctions in English, Afrikaans and Life Orientation.”

Michael will be studying B Com Law at the University of the Free State in 2017.


– 100 percent pass rate – 25th consecutive year
– 88 percent Bachelor’s pass rate
– 12 candidates received 3 or more A symbols
– 1 candidate, Christoffel de Lange, received 6 A symbols
– 6 candidates obtained A aggregates
– 18 candidates obtained B aggregates
– 26 candidates obtained C aggregates
– 10 candidates obtained D aggregates
– 50 out of 61 obtained a C aggregate or higher (82%)

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