A chance to forever be remembered at Saints

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A chance to forever be remembered at Saints

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16 September 2016 – The 2016 Old Boys weekend reaffirmed our Old Andreans’ strong connection to Saint Andrew’s. The many tears and lumps in throats during the singing of the school hymn in Sunday’s Chapel service were testament to this.

Some Old Boys who have passed on were honoured with commemorative plaques on the Wall of Remembrance. And at the AGM, another method of honouring our Old Boys and their love for Saint Andrew’s was given the go-ahead. It will allow them to remain a part of the school long after they are gone, and they won’t be forgotten.Biotree

Fully biodegradeable

Through the Old Boys Association office, we are making the Biotree urn available. Made out of bamboo, with cork and compressed earth on the inside, it is fully biodegradable. It also includes the seed of a tree, which charts the journey from life to death and back to life again, and it is packed with essential nutrients to help the seed to germinate and grow.

These urns will be planted around Vossies Field, thereby beautifying the banks with trees (the species of which will shortly be decided upon) and creating pleasant areas for the viewing of cricket matches. Each tree will have a plaque, remembering the Old Andrean who now rests at Saint Andrew’s. The school has made 100 sites available, but the numbers need not be restricted to 100.


Each Biotree has a unique code, which one enters on the Biotree website – www.biotree.earth

On the website, before one passes on, one can then fill in one’s history to share with family and friends. There is so much we don’t know of our families and this is a fantastic way to ensure those memories are saved and shared.

Family members, too, are able to contribute towards the Memory Lane available on the Biotree website.


The urns cost R3 450 each. From that amount, R400 per urn will be donated to Saint Andrew’s. Money will also be donated to women in townships who are starting businesses.

Already 55 Old Andreans have put their names down for Biotree urns. We welcome further enquiries on 051 444 5919 or by e-mail at brad.morgan@sasb.co.za

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