Five minutes with the (new) Deputy Headmaster

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Five minutes with the (new) Deputy Headmaster

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6 September 2016 – Saint Andrew’s Deputy Headmaster Adrian Forster joined the school’s staff at the beginning of the second term, making the move from Ficksburg High School, which he had served for 24 years.

His teaching career began back in 1988 at Sir Pierre van Ryneveld in Kempton Park before a stint in South West Africa, which transitioned to democracy and Namibia while he was there. After that, following the passing away of his father, he moved to the Eastern Free State.

Adrian Forster

Saint Andrew’s Deputy Headmaster Adrian Forster

Making a move to Saint Andrew’s was, he admitted, not easy. “It has been difficult, as one becomes part of a community. It is not just a job. In a small town you become part of a family. But a change is as good as a holiday.”

“The basis of all good schools”

So what has struck him about Saints, a school with many strong traditions? “There is a great discipline, and that is the basis of all good schools,” the Deputy Head said. “The derby days have also impressed me.

“I used to think it was a cheese-cutter [the boys wore], but I heard it was a basher. It is those little things that make one unique that stand out.”

“I will not accept mediocrity”

Questioned about his teaching philosophy and what he would like to see at Saint Andrew’s, he said: “I will not accept mediocrity. That is something I have lived by wherever I have gone.

“It is good, coming from the outside, to maybe see things with fresh eyes. Whatever you get involved in, you must do the best you can. After so many years of experience, I have picked up a few things along the way. There is no place that is perfect. If there are good things, you can always make them better.”


First and foremost, Mr Forster is a teacher and English is his subject, but as Deputy Headmaster he also has a number of other responsibilities, looking after the day-to-day running of the high school, including overseeing discipline and the prefects.

He is a familiar face at school events and, it would appear, he has no favourite activity that he supports. He explained: “I try to support whatever is on the go, whether it is in the high school or the primary school, whether it is cricket, concerts or anything else. To me, it is important to try to get out to everything, whether it be cultural or sport.”

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