Clegg House tops in Grade Eight Inter-house plays

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Clegg House tops in Grade Eight Inter-house plays

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By Craig Allwright

29 August 2016 – On Friday night (26 August) an epic battle took place at Saint Andrew’s. The evening was filled with drama, action, comedy and even a bit of sci-fi.

The grade eights, with the guidance of Dr Stone and Mrs Gower, took the audience on a roller-coaster ride, which started in China, with The Willow Pattern Plate (Mackenzie House). This play earned Chris Smith the award of best supporting actor for his role as Wong’s daughter.

Saints plays 5

Camaraderie, fun and entertainment were the name of the game during the grade eight Inter-house plays

Next Clegg House took us on a trip through space as Captain Roberts (Kyle Wilson) managed to save earth from invasion by The Chameleon (Dale Fletcher). Kyle’s role earned him the award of best actor.

The suspense thriller, The Hand of Prince Kafra, as enacted by Champion House, came next. Here Roger Garrett (Lehlohonolo Makopo) got what he deserved as the hand ended up as the only ‘survivor’.

Murder mystery

Next came the murder mystery, Sorry, Wrong Number (Mackenzie House), in which Mrs Stevenson (Takeen Melk) experienced the frustrations that come with call operators, and accidentally came across the plans of her own murder.

Denyl van Turha and Warona Mokoto took us to Sherwood Forest and kept the audience entertained with their story telling as Clegg House gave us their comical rendition of Robin Hood.

The last group to take to the stage was Champion House with Monster Quiz, which took the audience all the way to Transylvania. Here we were entertained by the  game show host (James Fleming) Count Dracula (Lebo Thagane), The Frankenstein Monster (Jason Howard) and the rest of the Transylvanian crew. Jason Howard’s role earned him the award of best characterisation.


1st The Chameleon (Clegg House)

2nd Robin Hood (Clegg House)

3rd Monster Quiz (Champion House)

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