Saints’ quarterly Dedication Service benefits HIV NGO

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Saints’ quarterly Dedication Service benefits HIV NGO

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19 August 2016 – The Saint Andrew’s Chapel hosted its quarterly Dedication Services on Friday, with the boys bringing tinned food to school, which will be donated to Mosamaria, a home-based NGO that works to curb the spread of HIV.


“The home-based caregivers take the tinned food with them and if they see there is a household in need, where they haven’t got the food, especially when they are on anti-retroviral treatment, they provide them with food,” School Chaplain Father Deon Lombard explained.

Saints is actively involved in a number of community projects, including providing approximately 300 sandwiches every Friday to the grade seven class at St Mary’s Primary in Botshabelo.

“Bringing tins, making sandwiches every Friday, collecting food for the animal welfare all create a sense of community,” Father Deon said.

“Saint Andrew’s is small enough to work on a sense of community – 300-odd boys in the high school and 300, about, in the junior, and about 21 boys per class, so it is important to keep that sense of community going. For us, to emphasise family and community has been the big picture.”

He ended: “The school feels that it needs to be a microcosm of what it wants to see in the larger community. If we can get it right in the smaller setting, then it can spread into Bloemfontein and beyond. That’s the aim: to try and get it right here. That’s why community is important.”

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