High Performance Centre takes another big leap forward

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High Performance Centre takes another big leap forward

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19 August 2016 – The Lindsay Tuckett High Performance Centre at Saint Andrew’s took another exciting and big leap forward towards its completion this week when Head of Sport Kassie van Kasterop, Head of Cricket Gregg Hobson and Old Boy Andre Bothma travelled to Johannesburg to take a close look at the Pitchvision equipment which will make the indoor centre one of the finest in the country.

“My motto coaching at Saints is that I have to provide my players with the very best opportunities. Second best is no good,” Gregg Hobson said on Friday. “They’ve got to be exposed to the best in terms of practicing, the way I try to teach them to think, and then the opposition that we play against.”

With Pitchvision, Gregg’s ambition of providing the boys with the very best will be realised. It is the leading technology in cricket and used by Cricket South Africa at the organisation’s High Performance Centre in Pretoria.

Pitchvision kiosk

Pitchvision kiosks with analysis screens will soon be part of Saint Andrew’s High Performance Centre

“It was about the reality of seeing what we are going to have. We know it is going to be the best equipment, and we have seen it for ourselves,” Kassie van Kasterop commented.

“The reality is always better than seeing it in pictures. You can walk on it, you can feel it, you can see it. It’s a wow thing. I’m excited.”

In Johannesburg, the Saints’ trio met with Craig van Dyk from Pitchvision South Africa to finalise the equipment that Saints is getting for the Centre, and, with the deposit having been approved, Pitchvision, which is based in India, will now proceed with the manufacturing of the equipment.

Manufacturing plus delivery time is two months.

While the manufacturing is done on the sub-continent, more work needs to be done at Saints on the High Performance Centre’s netting and surface in preparation for the arrival of the new technology.

Gregg, who has deservedly become recognised as one of the leading coaches at schools’ and junior level in the country, said he was excited by the possibilities that will exist once the equipment is installed: “I really think that the use of Pitchvision is going to take things to a new level, because the power of being able to see every ball after you have hit it or bowled it has never been available to any of our boys before.

“At the moment they are relying on the way it feels. In other words, they are relying on kinesthetics, but they don’t have a visual to back it up. They only have a video to back it up when I take videos and show it to them at some stage. There is no instant analysis.

“With this, they can instantly compare what it felt like to what it looks like.”

Gregg was Head Boy of Saint Andrew’s in 1999 and represented the Free State Schools cricket team. Considering what his charges will shortly be exposed to, he said: “I wish had the opportunities then that the guys have now.”

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