Feedem Pitseng Saints rocks!

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Feedem Pitseng Saints rocks!

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18 August 2016 – Over the years, one hears many horror stories about food in boarding schools. Honestly, though, at Saints nowadays the offerings are pretty good and tasty, with Feedem Pitseng looking after the cooking duties.

The Unit Manager for Feedem Pitseng at Saint Andrew’s is Susan Jacobs. She has been with Feedem for the past three years, but a part of the Saints’ family since 2003.

“If you work here, St Andrew’s sucks you in,” she commented. “It is such a huge privilege to be part of it, especially with all the things going on, things that outside people don’t even know about.”

Recently, Susan and her team proved the quality and the ability of the team working at Saints by performing with distinction in a regional Feedem competition in the face of some stiff opposition.

Competing in the Feedem Yearly Culinary Competition, which took place at the Chef’s School in Langenhoven Park, Susan spearheaded a strong Saints’ effort, which landed the team, made up of Susan, a chef, a cook and a cleaner, the award for the best presentation. Their effort included the Saint Andrew’s cross in a beautiful dessert.


One of the winning dishes presented by the Feedem Pitseng Saints team. Note the Saint Andrew’s cross in the chocolate shield.

“Last year the company was 40 years old. This year, they re-branded. To go with that, the theme was rejuvenate, rejoioce, revamp,” Susan explained

“This is the first year that we have been part of the competition and it was a very nice experience. It was really a ‘wow’ experience for me to see how they really do it, because it was done the proper way.”

The judging was tough, with the judges seeking not only good food and beautiful presentation, but also the reasoning behind the choices made by the various teams.

Preparations for the competition began way beforehand, with the team gathering ingredients, cutlery and crockery from Saints, which they then transported to the competition venue. There, they had limited space in which to work and a limited time in which to prepare their food.

The competition was judged in two parts, with 100 points up for grabs for the table and 200 for the food.

“We were the winning table for expressing the theme the best,” Susan said.

She concluded: “Everyone thought it was a minimalistic type of things, but in the end it was about new ways of doing old food, presenting it in an exciting, new way.”

Congratulations Susan and your Feedem Pitseng team for holding the Saints’ name up high!

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