Meet Saints’ Junior School Head Arno Boonzaier

20 May 2019 – After the departure of Pierre Grobler, who had served the Saint Andrew’s junior school with distinction for four decades, the school has a new Head. Arno Boonzaier, the son of the highly-regarded Newton Primary Headmaster Boon Boonzaier, took over the position at the beginning of the second term.

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Pierre Grobler: Q & A

30 August 2018 – After four decades of outstanding service to Saint Andrew's, Pierre Grobler has reached the age of retirement and the day has come to step away from his role as a teacher and mentor, a role that he has performed so well to the benefit of thousands of Saints' boys. He epitomises the type of gentleman we strive to develop at the school.

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Chris Thomas celebrates a decade as Headmaster

3 April – Saturday, 1 April 2017, marked exactly a decade since Chris Thomas became Headmaster of Saint Andrew’s School. A former Head Boy, he succeeded the much-loved Roy Gordon.

In an interview on Friday, he revealed that he had applied for the Headmaster’s position at his previous school, Stirling, in East London, but he was then asked to apply for the position at Saints. The timing wasn’t ideal, with a son in grade 10 and a daughter in grade 11, but it worked out well in the end.

“It actually worked out far better than we had anticipated”

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100 percent matric pass mark for 25 years!

5 January 2016 – The matric results for the Saint Andrew’s class of 2016 were released on Thursday and they were, once again, cause for celebration as the school maintained its long-time spotless record.

Headmaster Chris Thomas commented: “I am very happy with the matric results. It’s the 25th consecutive year that we have got a 100 percent pass rate. Eighty-eight percent of the candidates got a Bachelor’s pass mark, which was pretty much as we had expected.

“Also, which we have become used to, but is quite encouraging, was that 82 percent of the 61 candidates got a 60 percent aggregate or higher. That’s 50 out of the 61 candidates!”


Six boys achieved A aggregates – 80 percent of higher – with Christoffel de Lange the leading achiever with six distinctions and just three percent off of achieving a seventh. He might consider a remark.

“There are quite a few boys who got 90s for subjects, so we are very pleased with the class,” the Headmaster said.

“In terms of subject averages, the best two were visual arts and maths literacy, which were over 70 percent. That’s besides life orientation, which was about 80.

“Most subjects were above 60 percent, which was pleasing.”


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Saints bids Charles Hansen goodbye after 30 wonderful years

9 December 2016 – As 2016 draws to a close, Saints Andrew’s says goodbye to Charles Hansen after three decades of outstanding service to the school.

Going back to the beginning, before he became a teacher, Charles was working in commerce in Queenstown, but it wasn’t something that he enjoyed. “I wanted to carry on with my subject. I enjoyed my subject. I enjoyed my area of interest,” he said this week. That subject was biology.



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The school offers the following FET Subjects (Grade 10 – 12): English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Sesotho First Additional Language, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Accounting, Geography, History, Information Technology, Computer Applications Technology, Physical Sciences, Tourism, Visual Arts. These subjects are grouped into different combinations. These combinations may differ from year to year according to the availability of staff. Details of the combinations are available from the office.
In Grades 7, 8 and 9 boys follow the GET course. Subjects that are offered are as follows: English, Afrikaans or Sesotho (the latter two as additional languages), Mathematics, Life Orientation, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences, Technology and Creative Arts. All subjects in the GET course are compulsory.
Subjects in other grades are according to the requirements of the departmental syllabus.
The final FET subject choice is made at the end of Grade 9.
Facilities offered to boys at the school include the Walter Carey Library (senior school), the Paterson Library (junior school), and two well-equipped Computer Centres. We also have audio-visual centres in both junior and senior school.
Over the last 150 years St Andrew’s has maintained a high standard of academic excellence. The school’s pass rate in Grade 12 examinations has been 100% for the past 21 years and the number of candidates who qualify for university entrance regularly exceeds 90%. In 2012, Christiaan Bronkhorst was ranked as the top Grade 12 candidate in the Free State. He along with a number of other boys produced very good results in his Grade 12 subjects and in a number of different Olympiads.
St Andrew’s boys enter Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting, English and General Knowledge Olympiads and achieve very good results. A number of boys have been selected to participate in international Mathematics camps and have also achieved very good results.
Although we are proud of the achievements of our boys, we do believe in the importance of a holistic education and the acquisition of life skills. As an example we believe that high standards of discipline are necessary in order for boys to develop self-discipline and the success of our boys when they study at tertiary institutions and enter the workplace convinces us that the programme at the school is fulfilling its purpose in preparing young men to face the challenges of life.

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